Video: tiny swarm robots for microscale manufacturing




…tiny robot overlords.


Am I the ONLY ONE who watches cautionary tales?


Oooo, finally will have a toy football ('murcan) game that wont take 2.5 yrs to complete…


I get the impression the ‘robots’ are actually small configurations of magnets, and that all the power to move around comes from the surface they run on, which creates tiny magnetic fields that cause the little devices to move about.

I think calling them robots is probably a bit misleading. A better description might be ‘magnetic pucks’.


Mock away, mocker. Let’s see you split them hairs when the nanites are chewing on your big toe.



BTW, that shot of the little carbon truss holding up 200g was pretty damn impressive, given there was no triangulation in the structure.


It’s all well and good until a fraggle comes along…


I’ve read Daniel Suarez. This does not end well.


you mean exactly what the video subtitles said they were?
i think they can still be termed robots even though the brains are somewhere else, they are fully automated and autonomous.


Note to person who made the video: TALK. Don’t make me read subtitles when I’m trying to watch the magnet robots do their thang. I don’t want to miss any of it!


Don’t matter none what they are. It’s what they’re doing that matters.


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