SWAT team called in for ho-hum arrest?

Newspaper story about a local officer getting arrested a few towns away. What a mild embarrasment, right? I kept reading.

Police were called at 9 p.m.

Officials entered the home and were able to talk with a woman inside, but when they tried to speak with a man in another room, he fired two gunshots through a door inside the home.

Officers took the woman outside and police from several towns including a SWAT teams from Taunton and Raynham, and negotiators with State Police responded and a perimeter was set up around the home, Taunton Police Lt. Paul Roderick told WCVB.

Neighbors were told to stay inside their homes. The man, only identified as a 51-year-old Quincy police officer, came out of the home around 1 p.m., and surrendered.

the headline to the story:
#Quincy police officer arrested after shots fired in Raynham

Oh, I see, a 15+ hour standoff with SWAT response to shots fired at other officersis just an arrest, if you’re a middle aged white police officer.

I suppose it’s just another case of American blind justice… I mean freedom of the press… whatever, it clearly isn’t because he is a white police officer that he is being given deferential treatment by the press. Couldn’t ever be that.


It was only a four-hour standoff. The 1pm was supposed to be 1am.

Here’s some more info.

Still, this just happened this morning, so we will have to see how this plays out. Thankfully the woman was okay.


Only a four hour standoff, with SWAT, after he fired shots at police officers. Thankfully the other civilian he was with before the standoff was not injured.

If he were a 51-year old janitor of say… Cape Verdean descent, how do you think this would be ‘playing out’? 1) we’d know his name already b) perp walk, c) IF he survived d)#bluelivesmatter


Four hours, as opposed to 16. Not that it matters much.

He would have been shot dead, maybe not within minutes, but certainly within the hour. There would be no standoff and no perp walk.

He is certainly getting preferential treatment, but this just happened this morning. There is more to this story that will probably come out in the media, but if it doesn’t, I won’t be terribly surprised.

it’s an irrelevant detail.

I know that, and in the hometown media, it’s already playing out with deferential treatment. WE DO SEE HOW IT IS PLAYING OUT is my point.

It does also matter what comes of it in a month, but at the -moment- the wheels of minimization are already turning. See them now, AND later too, sure, but see them now in the moment. THIS is where the greatest damage is done. This is the moment where the press either licks boots or chases a very real story that would otherwise be chased.

Justice wouldn’t likely be served by the press hounding this, but that’s what the press DOES to the powerful, right? Holds them to ‘account’? Well the ‘account’ so far is already minimized, nothing to see here, move along.


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