Sweden's anti-lockdown approach backfires

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I will be interested to see how far the US goes in early 2021. If they can close all state borders and internally lock down their population for 2.5 to 3 months, they should be able to wipe covid out entirely,


Maybe they took a good look at the data?

Here’s an article that is about a month old: Number of deaths in Sweden during the pandemic – compared to previous years’ mortality.

From having a high excess mortality during the pandemic, the death rate has sunk since May to finally land on more normal levels in June. During the second half of June, we even see a mortality below normal for the first time since the pandemic, something that is expected after a period of high mortality in older age groups. When the Swedish statisctic authority summarized Sweden’s third quarter, the average mortality rate is 1,9 percent lower than for the corresponding period, 2015-2019.

The fact that we are within standard variation becomes even more clear if you consider the death rate during for each of the five years, 2015-2019, and compare with 2020.



Current stats on a 7 day moving average of new cases per 100K of population for those who are interested.

Location 11/11/2020
Luxembourg 94.85
Czechia 80.27
Austria 75.87
France 68.14
Poland 66.72
Slovenia 65.02
Belgium 58.48
Croatia 57.03
Italy 56.45
Lithuania 52.01
Portugal 48.98
Hungary 46.59
Bulgaria 46.37
Romania 41.97
Spain 40.43
Sweden 40.06
United States 38.69
Netherlands 33.81
Slovakia 32.49
Malta 27.41
Germany 22.25
Cyprus 22.20
Greece 21.88
Denmark 18.21
Latvia 15.70
Estonia 12.64
Ireland 8.02
Finland 3.66

I don’t see it mentioned in the article but it was reported earlier this year that the non-lockdown didn’t somehow also keep their economy from tanking like everyone else.



We can’t get people to go along with any lockdown at all. Even if people are dying in the streets and bodies stacked up like cordwood, some states are still going to be grudging about doing even a couple weeks.

Why yes I am feeling bleak, thanks for asking.


“Those dead bodies are just a buncha crisis actors.”

I don’t know much about the situation in Sweden, but despite their not having a “lock down”, as a society are they practicing social distancing and wearing masks? Or is it just a free-for-all?


Pretty much all the time. Nothing to do with the disease…

Yeah, they aren’t actually that far in behaviour from most everyone else. The large deviation is between them and their most readily comparable Scandinavian neighbours. And even them you could perhaps take Stockholm out of the equation and they would be more similar.

They were flat out bullshit wrong on the herd immunity and therefore less likely to have a second wave though. Everyone relying on herd immunity to magically develop was wrong. I don’t think they were wrong about trying to have measures that are sustainable though. We are seeing a lot of people in many countries baulking at the measures and it may be driving up the numbers of the fash. Here in Ireland the fash haven’t survived the second wave and the second lockdown (solidarity took over again), but I see that shit Farage is rebranding his party as an anti life party so god knows what mischief he’ll stir up in the post Brexit ruin.


I can see Farage fulfilling a G. Gordon Godfrey role, or, maybe even DeSaad.


I don’t know what statistic this is, but it’s certainly not a current stat for Covid-19. The 7 day incidence in Germany is currently 138.9 cases and not 22.25 per 100.000. For Luxembourg the rate is 129 cases per 100.000, whereas the weird statistic shows 94.85.

Also, the correct metric is the “7 day incidence rate”, a total of all cases per 100k in a week, and not the daily average of new cases over seven days.

Source: Germany

Source: Luxembourg


I get lost in all the SJW proxy outrage rules these days but isn’t representing Sweden in this circumstance with meatballs a little on the racial stereotyping side of things?

I mean, there are so many other things to choose if you have had any more experience of the nation other than visiting your local Ikea …

As a Brit I’m not offended by bad teeth jokes, the wheel of politeness or being called rosbif by the French, but this does seem a little lazy

Sweeden has done only marginally better than the US, so little to claim here.

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Also, the number of new cases is misleading because testing capacity still isn’t where it needs to be.

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Doesn’t this graph show that a lot of deaths could have been prevented if Sweden had locked down? The fact that things subsided over the summer is not surprising since that happened everywhere in the northern hemisphere.

It’s odd that the author is referring to the pandemic in the past tense… plus, being a month old, it misses the current spike in infections.


Farage doesn’t have the charisma to do a G Gordon Godfrey.

He totally has the creep factor to take on the Desaad role, though.


I got the data from this site https://91-divoc.com/pages/covid-visualization/

They never changed - it’s still “Don’t be a dick.”


It is too soon to tell what is going on in Sweden compared to the rest of europe. For now they seem pretty much in the middle of the pack on cases per 100K and have a phenomenally low deaths per 100K. That tells me that there are still a lot of issues across the continent with identifying cases. For example Germany’s cases (per 100K) is 1/2 of Sweden’s but deaths are 2. That implies to me that there may be some undercounting on case counts elsewhere.