Swedes! Poles! Germans! Luxembourgers! The world is depending on you to save the internet from the EU!


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/01/14/we-need-you.html


(some versions propose exempting companies with less than 10m euros/year in revenue, but that only means that earning your 10,000,001st euro will trigger hundreds of millions of euros in compliance costs).

That’s what accountants are for - making that last dollar vanish.


Americans! Californians! Washingtonians! The rest of us are depending on you to save the internet from zombified west coast narcissist libertarian unicorn sniffers.


Nooo, not the unicorn !


So, apparently I just wrote an email to my economic minister and our diplomat in Brussels. That was a first and I feel oddly excited about this… All in all, I try to not be cynical about the political process or the … well, let’s say “most” … people involved in that business. So: Here’s to hope!


Why does it focus on those particular countries? I tried to find some information about the positions of the others but I couldn’t.


so couldn’t link to the article with the words ‘the article’ as the link text?


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