Swedish Chef/Gordon Ramsay cook-off


omg. that was so good:joy::joy: “lets get ready to roast/fry/bake/whatever!!”


This is one of the few reality shows that I liked.


GOD, that creepy not-quite-a-human Muppet from the last movie is awful.


When The Muppet Show first started, they would give their celebrity guests a Muppet version of themselves. That didn’t last very long, precisely because of the creepy factor.

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I’ve never been able to get behind celebrities that only exist in the public sphere due to being a monumental asshole.

We’ve managed to successfully export Gordon Ramsay and Piers Morgan, when are you Americans going to take Jeremy Clarkson off our hands?

Is Ramsay that atrocious? I know he’s vile on all his US shows, but most of the UK ones I’ve caught him in actually managed to give the impression that he’s a reasonably decent human being, as opposed to a walking caricature.

Clearly I’ve never met the guy, but I get the sense that he’s a normal person who wants to do good, but has a terrible temper when it comes to working with him. He also seems to respond to bullshit with rage rather than snarky/clever remarks, which probably doesn’t help people’s impression of him.

I 've always got the impression that the sweary arsehole bit is an act, his USP, shtick…

But maybe he is just a complete tit.

@daneel & @EggyToast & @NorEsther

Oh, it’s likely just a shtick, I agree. I’m sure the same could be said for Clarkson and Morgan though. It’s still unpleasantness sold as a product - a human temper tantrum, i.e. the Daily Mail personified.

I guess I just don’t see the appeal in watching people be unnecessarily berated when some constructive criticism could achieve more without dehumanising them. I think it’s vaguely troubling when as a society we consider that entertainment.

But yes, his US shows are hammed-up massively. He at least does some talking on his UK shows - I still don’t like him, as a person or a chef, but he’s at least not completely loathsome. In my eyes you could replace him with pretty much any other professional chef and I’d enjoy his shows 10x as much. The reason people like watching him is that they like seeing people get shouted at; as you say, that’s his shtick.

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Swedish Chef Rules!

I do feel that Clarkson isn’t deserving of as much grief as he gets. I don’t believe that he takes himself very seriously at all. That said, I don’t like his cozy Chipping Norton set association with Cameron and Rebekah Brooks much.

Generally the Top Gear guys seem well aware that they are now a reboot of Last of the Summer Wine. Perhaps some of their viewers aren’t.

As far as TV chefs go I’d rather watch a coked-out Nigella.

Haha, another vote for Nigela!

I’ll let Stuart Lee characterise the top gear lads: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yon6FGRvxo :slight_smile:

That whole set is well worth a watch, if like me you’re a Stuart Lee fan, anyway.

I was always more of a Richard Herring man, meself :slight_smile:

Actually, I’ve seen them both live. Very good. Daniel Kitson is better, mind.

Fist of Fun and TMWRNJ were awesome.

Have you followed any of Herrings recent stuff? I’m an avid listener of RHLSTP and AIOTM

Incidentally you should check out his massive controversy section on Wikipedia to help justify all the grief he gets: Jeremy Clarkson - Wikipedia

Quite agree, except I’d use deeply, nor vaguely.
Public humiliation just isn’t a valid concept for entertainment, I think.

“But the people who go on these shows do it of their own free will.”
Yeah, same as five year olds thinking i’d be fun to play on the M1.

I follow him on Twitter, that’s about it. Never got into podcasts. I used to read his blog, though.

Usually in Muppet stuff where this is conflict there are two possible endings:

  1. Explosion! (there was sort of but not like a the episode is over because there was an explosion explosion)


  1. The bad guy turns out to be not so bad after all and makes friend with the Muppets and maybe even joins the Muppet team.

Also when did Sweetums start talking?

Am I being a grouch? Maybe I’m becoming a grumpy old man!