"Sweet Child O' Mine" reimagined on a Chinese zither

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While it’s a cool concept, I am not a fan of these music videos that are made to look like tiny desk-style live performances (but are not). This one is obviously a studio recording, and the musicians are doing the standard music video playback thing where they mimic the recording in the video.

Lots of better videos in this thread.


I did wonder when someone was going to post this. Personally I think it would have been better without the guitar in there. Still very impressive though and have subscribed.

i was wondering what it would sound like when she got to the guitar solo part of the song and i was not disappointed. very cool. she’s an artist.


A virtuoso performance of Bach’s Organ Toccata and Fugue in D Minor on a button accordion.


Music … what songs from our lives will last into the future … 200 hundred years from now …

Sweet Child of Mine is on the list – what a simple theme that can be explored so many ways … resonating with a universal passion both lyrically and musically.

This version on the zither is amazing! – the way she plays the distortions on the strings is next level! wow

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