Swing district poll suggests that progressive policies could deliver a 2018 "blue tsunami"

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I hate to be pessimistic, but I’ll believe it when I see it. I hope this is the case, because although the Dems are remotely great, they are better than the opposition at this point.


600 And even 900 (including those “surge” voters). Is a really small sample size. I think the minimum usually used in this sort of polling. Especially this far out. Is 1200. 30 also a small number of districts. Even if you’re only look at the ones that are plausibly up for grabs.

I’m not familiar with the pollster. But that doesn’t look like a sensible poll. You can put together a poll in a couple days that shows the American people want Cookie Monster to run for Governor of Texas.

So yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it.


Why would the Dems start endorsing progressive policies now?


If you were at one of his rallies, and heard the crowd’s “Me Want Cookie” chants for yourself, you’d understand.


Would Cookie Monster really be worse than Abbott though?


There’s good reason for optimism. As far as I’ve seen every single candidate endorsed by Trump since he took office has gone down in flames. So all we need is to make sure Trump spends plenty of time on the campaign trail stumping for his fellow Republicans.


I for one would welcome Cookie Monster as governor of Texas: it would be a vast improvement over the current occupant. Indeed I think most muppet characters would do a better job at running the country than Hair Furor (Agent Orange? Mango Mussolini? Ill Douche? Captain Chaos? Pootie-poot’s Puppet?)

Let Grover or Snufflupagus in there for two weeks and we’d be back to normal. Incompetence rather and malevolence (mb mixed with a healthy dose of incompetence)


The question is how strong is the Sanders/Warren wing of the party. Hillary is planning to run again, now that all the Bernie-ites have been purged, and that she’s published a book basically saying the loss wasn’t her fault.

Just a week or so ago at least 7 Democrats who get the majority of their funding from the financial industry, on the Senate Banking committee are heavily involved in getting rid of the systemic risk provisions for banks (and making the system unsafe again) so that big banks can benefit (all in the name of “Credit Unions and Community Banks”


No no! The Democratic Party must flatten itself against the right-of-center in hopes that people who normally vote Republican might accidentally vote for the Democrat by mistake. As for all those people to the left of that, we’re their only choice so we can take them for saps granted. /s


I choose to believe there is only one Greg Abbott who was manager of Carlisle United, just as I choose to believe that the only Scott Brown is a Scottish hardcore DJ.

Everything else is just a paranoid PTSD induced hallucination.


I’m a progressive and I vote that way. But here I think the Corporate Dems are talking about unwinnable in a bill passing sense rather than election wins.

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This entire administration makes me think of an excited Kermit the Frog, except much less benevolent:
A new Harper Lee? With Scout as an adult? I’m going to need a minute … OMG, OMG, OMG!


I think the proper role of pessimism is that this won’t stick. Those surgey types are extremely fickle fishes, and there’s every good chance the 2018 blue tsunami rushes back to the ocean just like the wave. But I don’t think it’s a naive optimism to think the wave is coming.

When presented in surveys without being framed in political terms, Progressive policies almost always get support from the vast majority of Americans. We all want good paying jobs with good benefits, health care, peaceful times and clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. It’s when Progressive policies are framed in terms of ideology is when right wingers start spewing flecks of spittle from their mouths, hatred from their eyes and thunderbolts from their asses. In order for the right wing to be defeated in this nation, someone somewhere needs to do something about hacked elections and voter disenfranchisment. We know trump and the repugnantcans won’t do it. Who will? We may all just be fucked.




I really like this being the overall party platform. However people also do need to realize that in order to be competitive for some seats, such as the recent upset by Conor Lamb in Pennsylvania, Democratic party candidates might still need to individually stray from the fold. Lamb for example is pro-gun and has said he is “personally” against abortion.

And this is how he won, and how we have one more Democrat in the House of Representatives.


So basically, if the Democrats actually talk about and back the kind of things that people generally think of when they think of the Democrats, they will do well.

Now the question is… Will someone tell the Democrats???


Yknow… we need a lobbyist who’s really good at flattery to go tell Mr, Trump the Democrats are really scared of him and they want to pass a law that Trump can’t stump for any candidates…


Hack his TV feed and give him a doctored Fox program to watch.