Dems' Conor Lamb claims victory over GOP in district Trump won by 20 points


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Ain’t this seat getting rolled into another district in a few months?



Maybe. Other prognosticators are less optimistic:

Democrats are already very unlikely to win back the Senate according to recent polling. While much could change between now and November, including especially a significant downturn in the stock market or an indictment of a Trump family member by Robert Mueller, Democrats have a much less than 50% chance of taking back the House in November unless they, or events beyond their control, can turn things significantly in their favor between now and then.



Winning control of the Senate has always been a long shot, due to how the classes of the senate work. But the Dems have been doing really well in special elections so far, and if they can keep up the turnout and the enthusiasm in the actual general election, the Republicans are screwed.


Fingers crossed!


That will depend heavily on who wins the primaries and whether or not they are perceived as fairly conducted.

Getting a serious plan in action to deal with voter suppression and intimidation is also likely to be necessary.


Welcome to 2018 TGOP.


Let’s hope that the next general election is also a general ejection of Trump followers and enablers.


If the Republicans spent as much as they did on the Pa election on improving the lives of those people they might have seen a different outcome. $10.7 million would go a long way in a rural community.

$10.7 million goes poof.

A good observation in the NYT comments today:

“I live in the district just North of the 18th and I know the area very well. Many of the towns in this region are shells of what they once were. Mills gone, mines closed, downtown half empty and desolate. You drive through some of these places and you can see why people would vote for anyone who promised a way back to the times of prosperity and growth. Mr. Trump and the Republican party rode in on a white horse and promised a new world. They promised the mills would come back and the mines would reopen. The subsequent rising expectations are now being met by the realization that things will probably not change. This is a potent political force”. -Oscar Pennsylvania


And Donnie tweets “Saccone wasn’t a real Republican anyway” in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. . . .


Immediately walked back, and credit taken if a recount reverses it.


The Senate isn’t where articles of impeachment are considered. They’re just 100 of the 535 who vote on them, if drafted by the House, IIRC.

I’m pretty okay with focusing on winning back the house. It’s a good goal!


I head a good one on the radio. Union guy said “I vote the way the union says, always have. Union didn’t have an opinion on who we voted for in 2016, and I didn’t vote Clinton, but they like Lamb and said to vote for him, so I voted Lamb”.

Unions aren’t dead. We need to revive them.


All of it is short-lived if Democrats do not take back the state legislatures!!! We must redistrict the states, ASAP.


Are you wondering why it’s a big deal? I don’t know why the R party spent >10 million to defend it then, it being apparently without meaning.


It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.


Ironically, that’s one of the problems Democrats have. Because the fact is, 99% of the time, even the worst Democrat is going to be better than the Republican alternative, if for no other reason than they matter for the purpose of majorities, which are a huge deal.

That’s something that should be drummed into American leftists: push hard at the primaries, but then turn out and vote for the winner, even if they aren’t your favorite candidate.


Something to be drummed into the establishment Dems: keep pulling that crooked bullshit and you guarantee the continuation of fascism.

The last year has shown the futility of voting for VichyDems. If they’re just going to collaborate with the GOP anyway, what’s the point?


Precisely. I say fuck that shit. Here’s what needs to be drummed into every liberal skull and fence-sitter in the country: If you don’t fight your hardest during the primaries to get sane, rational candidates who can win, you’re going to have the same shitty choices we’ve had for decades. Corollary: we better take back the central structure of our party or the corporatist nitwits are going to fuck up plan A.

THAT’S what we need to be drumming.