Swipe files - cover art reference for Tribesman of Gor

Came for this. Was not disappointed.

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Also, Norman seems to be a bit frustrated with humanity in general:

“One of these worlds was a world poisoning itself, a pathological world insane and short-sighted, greed-driven and self-destructive. The other was a pristine world, virginal in its beauty and fertility, one not permitted by its masters, called the Sardar, or Priest-Kings, to follow the example of its tragic sister. Priest-Kings would not permit men to destroy Gor. They are not permissive; they are intolerant of geocide. Perhaps it is hard to understand why they do not permit men to destroy Gor”

Beasts of Gor, John Norman, 1978


Cabot! Cabot? Cabot!
And the cornfield outside the city gates.
That movie is a precious jewel.

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Not so racy, but it is also cool anyway…

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And a random addition: turns out that I didn’t drop Gor as fast as I would’ve thought now, 30+ years later and peeking into the English editions: turned out that the German translations I read were heavily edited to avoid a triple-× rating (basically censoring, though).

And from what I remember of the German novels, the editing was mostly dropping huge chunks of slave/master dialogues and similar sermons, while the rape scenes are as non-explicit as they seem to be in the English originals.


“You do not dare to translate me!” laughed the huge chunk of slave/master dialogue.


One would assume that Germans would like overly long philosophical texts, but though.

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