Sword does not meet watermelon


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Never try to cut something when it has a higher tensile strength than the surface beneath it.


Even if he had cut the melon, it would take quite a bit of control to arrest the sword stroke before hitting the table.

A hold-my-beer-and-watch-this moment in which everybody survived.


I tried to use my extra large cleaver to cut a watermelon (as I don’t ever need to quarter a cow, which is what it is for) and discovered that the 1/4 inch thick blade was closer to a hammer than a knife, as far as cutting fruit goes.


well, the watermelon WAS cut in half. collateral picnic damage.


Look out, with chops like that you’re going to be recruited into an RNC thing and sent to drill with Fruit Ninja and Sword of The Berserk as source material. I for one welcome our new durian masters…


Republican… National… Committee thing? I do not understand.


Oh dear. VVS alert.


I need to try out a few low-water grown watermelons before I jibe, but:

They’re hiring people who want to take on an agency’s mein and do the opposite, so if you’re sharpening a cleaver and then testing it out works no melon and mostly the feet of the chopping block, look out for fat stock distributions. Not meant as a dig on you but I’d imagined the sharpening process not really matching up.
[cameos: Sword cleaves sattelite in night sky, used to inspect edge. daikon resists.]

Sword of the Berserk has both a fruit that consumes who wishes on it, and I-beams reporposed as swords (by the power a flat rock and of SAME!) Fruit Ninja has speedlines. Delicious Apostles would be cool. Anyhow, I would covet that property in a court executioner that they have adequate tools that never damage their subject.
[Indiction Bailif approaches dais with defendant, retreats; surrounding prosecutors start coughing up their suits’ padding.]


Those who live with glass tables…


Paging Tristan Tsara to the red courtesy phone.


This is the very reason I can not stand glass furniture. Won’t own it.


Eh, it’ll wait for Ron Swanson to release a glass fab book.
Looks like this week, making ice furniture is in the cards…should’a ordered more edible quantum dot colors.


Pre Darwin Award contestants?


Did I just have a stroke?


Isn’t the correct way to swing a sword to do it with the intention of stopping it a few inches after contact?

Or have I just read Snow Crash too many times?


I’ve gone through three iPads trying to play “Fruit Ninja” that way.


Yes. Yes she does.

How many melons do you chop with swords on a day-to-day basis?!?


For chopping a melon that should be all you need, if the sword is sharp enough and the strike is fast enough. Upon a rewatch, it looks like the edge of the table actually stopped sword.


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