Syrian refugees placed in hotel hosting a furry convention


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I’m like 90% sure that Dalmatian on the left is Tobias from Arrested Development.


I have to say it: this is a genuinely touching story about two groups too frequently treated with suspicion.


In before the moral outrage and/or mockery!

…some online commentators blasted the meeting of “fetishists” and the new Canadians, who themselves have been the subject of political controversy and calls for them to be sent back to their war-torn homes…

Bah, furphy. Too late.


Yeah, it’s not going to be long before the fur starts flying.


This is the kind of headline I love to see:

Furry Fandom Convention Held at Canadian Hotel Housing Syrian Refugees. The Children Were Ecstatic.


“Be careful… The stories you write with this magic typewriter come true in real life.”
“Good thing I write zany political satire.”
“You… Wait, you’re not a bestselling murder mystery novelist?”
“Nope. Seeya later!”


Its like Syrian knockoff Disneyland came to them!


I told my wife about this, and she said “That’s really weird. And super sweet.”


Hey, when your interests include theme park cartoon mascots should include learning pantomime interactions with children.


Please tell me one of the furries was in a unicorn suit, because then this story would be 110% perfect.


One of my old college friends came out of the closet a few years back, and also started going to furry conventions . . . well, by looking at the pictures in his Twitter feed, pretty much every weekend. Overseas, all over the country.

Or was. He’s in hospice now, with a hard to treat cancer, with a few days or weeks left. Over the last month or so his Twitter feed has been full of pictures of furry friends, some in suits, visiting him. Just piles of support in a very rough time.

So, even before this sweet story, my respect for that very-odd-on-its-surface community has ratcheted up quite a few notches.


What the hell man I came to read whimsical mockery and you are making me tear up over here.


This is a supersweet story!

That’s sad news. My heart goes out to your friend and his family and friends.


Opening shot was a Gilda, so I’m sure other My Little Pony suits in attendance as well.

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