Syringe-pill injects you on the inside


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I’m no scientist or doctor. I was under the impression that the stomach was made of smooth muscle and moved a lot when you put stuff in it. I’d be curious to see an animation or something of this working.


These sound like they’d be more expensive than injections, also swallowing something that is designed to inject me from the inside gives me the creeps.


I also like to keep the stabby bits on my outsides


To know if the thing is doing its job in there and delivering the insulin… you would need to take a blood sample by using a syringe right?


I see. Would this be the same “unlikely” that was used during the 2016 elections when discussing Trump’s chance of victory?

If so, gosh. Thank you, but no thank you?

“This is either not going to hurt at all, or be the worst thing you’ve felt in your life. We are hoping for the former, but things happen. It’s science, but not an exact science.”


In Soviet Russia, food digests you!


I see no way that this could possibly go wrong.

In an unrelated story, I am negotiating for the movie rights to a tale about an syringe-pill gone horribly wrong.


Very clever, and I can see valid use cases for this.

But just a friendly reminder: “discomfort” is docspeak for pain.


I have a lunch-time burrito injecting me on the inside right now.


Certainly the coauthor Giovanni Traverso won’t mind testing that “thought” by swallowing, lets say, a dozen of those devices. Just to be sure.


Trying to swallow a capsule gives me the same reaction. That image with multiple pills - nope.


No. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) uses a sensor that is either inserted subcutaneously or implanted for 7 days or even semi-permanently. There are also noninvasive sensors that are in the latter stages of development.


I’m sure it just wants to heal us from the inside. Nothing to be concerned about.


You got me thinking: Given our current circumstances (re leadership), western democracies should be employing USA-reversals. “In Trump’s America…” That sort of thing.


Could be worse… even with Raquel Welch thrown in. Frickin’ lasers, ya know.:


Oh this is much better than just a syringe.


It’s all editing. I think if you saw the outtakes, you wouldn’t mind Dr. Ball, M.D.- kind of like a compact Star Trek Bones that can hover. I’m also guessing that it doesn’t care about insurance, as long as it can make a pithy remark.


Nurse Ratched… you’ve changed!