"TabFS" turns your browser tabs into files on your computer

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It sounds interesting, but the security has to be there.
Driveby browser hacks are already a thing.
Now, I’m going to have the hacker’s payload directly in my file system?


On macOS, the com.apple.quarantine xattr would be ideal for this – that’s the thing that causes a dialog box to warn you before executing anything downloaded from the web, even if you’ve moves the file to (say) your Applications folder. Because it’s an xattr, it would be extremely simple to implement with this software, if it isn’t already.

I’m not sure how useful this really is, though – the Plan 9 approach is appealing as an idea, but most people already don’t use the wonderful, magical developer tools built into every modern browser, so I’m not sure anyone is clamoring to be able to control their browser in a much more limited way from a completely different environment.

What I think would be widely useful is if, rather than just giving you access to raw sources, this could parse out the “file-like” content of websites. E.g., if you went to the folder for a YouTube tab, you’d see the video as an MP4 file, and if you went to a Github tab you’d see the folder structure for the associated project.


I desperately want something even simpler. I want to point at a window that has twenty tabs open and say “make each tab into a .webloc on my Mac (in a specified folder, of course) and then close it.”

I’ve never used the bookmarking capability of a web browser. I always just drag the address bar onto a destination folder in my file system, thus keeping the bookmarks with the project (such as, by client).

But I’d love to have it automated. If you know of a way, please please share.

you can already do all this.

It’s call libcurl

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