Tabletop Audio: ambient loops for your RPGs


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Thank you; this is the most awesome thing evar! Plus, I can see you can integrate it right into a Roll20 session. Too cool!


This is embedded into roll20 as well as some of the other services like BattleBards, Imcompetech, and Fanburst. Honestly, it was much better when they had Soundcloud embedded on the site where you can use excellent tracks like the Darkest Dungeon soundtrack. I think Critical Role uses Tabletop Audio.

The best service for this that I know of is Syrenscape, though it is a subscription service that gives the benefit of making a more professional quality sound board emulation for a GM to control.


Pretty sure the GM for my weekly sessions uses this but i will keep this in mind and run it by him just to make sure


I’d just spent the last hour writing with dub on and this running at the same time when I came here for a break.



When the RPG podcasts that I listen to drop in music or sounds, the scene immediately goes from “oh, cool scene, I like how they pulled those threads together” to “why am I crying into the dishwashing?”


I have a few CDs from of a collection of compilations of ambiant music for RPGs. Once, as the background for a game of Werewolves I was leading, I had put the horror-themed one to play. At some point, a dramatic orchestral movement started, right after I announced the sunset. The timing was so fortuitously perfect that we all burst out laughing.


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