Taco Bell fans fight to save menu favorite

I liked the spicy tostada, which is also leaving.


I rarely eat fast food but when I do it used to be a 7 layer burrito and Mexican pizza with beans instead of meat, until the crunch wrap unseated the Mexian pizza. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Once again the vile lust of junior-MBAs has stripped our society of indigenous foods!!!


USA celebrates the cuisine of another indigenous class: White Trash Cooking. No MBA’s allowed.


Not that I’ve been to, or had opportunity to go to, a Taco Bell in a while, but the last times I stopped into one they’d eliminated the Meximelt and the Double Decker Taco Supreme. Also it was unbelievably dirty and gross in the restaurants. It seemed like they were on a death spiral.

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The Cheesarito. A pinnacle of fast food. Pizza sauce. Melted cheese. It’s like what Hot Pockets dream of being when they die. It’s certainly not good for you.

It’s been off the menu for years. It’s all I order. It’s the Chili Cheese Burrito, minus chili, add pizza sauce.

Damn you Taco Bell. Damn you to hell. I will be gone if the pizza sauce goes.

I feel like Taco Bell has been determined to 86 literally every single thing I like from the menu. Double decker taco, 7 layer burrito, Mexican pizza, apple empanada — all gone (or on the way out).

It’s some serious bullshit, especially because many of these things are actually popular menu items.

I’m not vegetarian but I’ve always appreciated how you could get a decent meal without any meat. I’m a big fan of getting the Mexican pizza but substituting extra beans for beef.


I am a GM for TacoBell… That picture isn’t even a Mexican Pizza. It’s actually not a menu item at all. I can’t believe no one has pointed this out yet.

Looks like all the ones I have eaten. How does it differ in your view?


I low-key love Taco Bell. Axing the Pizza (even though I never order one) is criminal.


I once resided in a zone of vineyards and orchards with many LatinX workers and families. The town’s main road hosted a half-dozen excellent, cost-effective Mexican eateries… and a Taco Smell, always jammed with nervous tourists. Sad.

Chicken Enchilada Grilled Stuffed Burrito.

* sobs quietly *

Im by an area of town chock full of great mexican restaurants and food trucks, i still like Taco Bell for what it is. Fast food that is vegetarian friendly and is open late, and sometimes i just get a craving for it. But i do try to explore and try new Latino restaurants when i can, i checked one out today as a treat for myself after doing the early voting :slight_smile: Got some kickass breakfast tacos.


Yeah. As a mostly vegetarian family that regularly goes on roadtrips to see family, Taco Bell was one of the few places that had something other than french fries to eat.


it is not a Mexican Pizza.

seriously, go back and actually look at the creature pictured in the original post. it’s got some sort of cheese sauce and the top layer looks like no flour tortilla i’ve ever seen. The Pizzazz Pizza, precursor to the mexican pizza, did have green onions and black olives but taco bell hasn’t offered either topping since the name change. Sadly they got rid of the Taco Bell Grande at the same time.


Cheesy Potato Burrito was just great for killing a mid day hunger pang. I have gone less to the Taco Hell since the changes that started with the removal of many of my usuals. They seem to not need me anymore. I’m not vegan, but many I know agree with your sentiments.

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