Taco Bell fans fight to save menu favorite

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The Mexican Pizza from Taco Bell is like the Holy Roman Empire. It is neither Mexican, nor Pizza. It is, however shamefully, delicious.

Removing it from the menu is bad, and they should feel bad.


They also recently dropped several vegetarian items from their menu, including the seven-layer burrito and the spicy potato soft taco, and made several others online ordering only, like the black bean quesarito. This after just last year making a big deal of how well they catered to vegetarians.


mexican pizza is good, but the real crime was two years ago when they got rid of the carmel apple empenada.



  • Taco Smell: Smells something like a taco, but not really.
  • Crap-in-the-Box: Gave us the runs, last time we risked it.
  • Burger Thing: Looks almost like a real hamburger, but older.
  • McVomits: How can anyone stand the stench?
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For me the worst offense was getting rid of potato as an ingredient, which affected quite a few menu items including the spicy potato taco which was pretty bomb.


That also ruined the menu for vegetarians. In fact I think that all of their vegetarian menu items are gone now aside from the bean taco and the cheesy roll-up. You can still nominally replace any meat with beans but their beans aren’t good enough to pull it off; the potatoes were.


They still have the bean burrito, cheesy bean and rice burrito, cheese quesadilla, black bean crunchwrap supreme, and black bean quesarito, though I think the last two can only be ordered online. As you said, you can still sub refried beans (or black beans, which are tastier) for meat. And I haven’t tried it, but theoretically you could still get a seven-layer burrito by ordering a bean burrito minus onions and red sauce plus lettuce, tomato, sour cream, guacamole, and rice, but it’ll probably end up costing five bucks.

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If Coca-cola’s history of switching to “New Coke” and then switching back to “Classic Coke” tells us anything

But they didn’t really…only reverting to an abominable high-fructose corn syrup concoction that’s ten times more addictive and unhealthy.


I admittedly haven’t tried Taco Hell in a couple decades, but back when I did it was like their heads would explode if you asked for a bean taco. Bean burrito ok but a bean taco was inconceivable.


the loss of the 7-layer burrito is the big tragedy here. as a fledgling vegetarian in the south, i survived a couple semesters on those, for sure. i still think they are a great deal, even after they quietly downsized them several years ago.


I routinely order the black bean crunchwrap, and when i feel like splurging i get two black bean cheesy gordita crunches (no ordering through the app needed) and it works for my purposes. If i actually wanted really good food i’d just hit up a mexican joint but for fast food i know what i’m getting and i’m ok with it :stuck_out_tongue:

There does seem to be an opportunity for another fast food place to cater a bit more towards vegetarians but i am disappointed that Taco Bell has been doing a ton of reworking of their menu.


I obviously don’t go often because I wasn’t aware of this, but that makes me sad, it’s a shame because those were mind bogglingly delicious.


I had apparently lapsed for a year or so when I discovered they were gone… about a year ago.

perhaps it’s time for my annual taco bell pilgrimage.

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The last time I ate at Taco Bell was a few years ago. The “cheese” sludge on the burrito was so nasty that I threw the thing out after one bite. Then I went to a local place that used actual cheese. More $$, but delicioso!

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A mexican pizza slathered in El Yucateco green habanero sauce is a delight. Admittedly, the sauce is doing a lot of heavy lifting here, but still.

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I have eaten actual Mexican pizza from Domino’s – in Chiapas and next door in Guatemala. Ordinary pizza toppings on a flour+cornmeal crust, yum.


This boingboing article contains 8 links, and none of them is a link to the change.org petition.


Hey, on the plus side you get to see the words “Mexican Coke” unironically written all over supermarkets and menus now!