“Taika Waititi's New "Reservation Dogs" Is A Cool Indigenous Riff On Tarantino”

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Holy shit, this is like my platonic ideal for a show. Taika Waititi + Oklahoma Indigenous communities!?! Wtf? Is Taika Waititi basically just making movies for me? I assumed that What We Do in the Shadows was as far as it would go, but then we got a whole TV show of the same (at least as good, and arguably better), a freaking Thor movie (and another one on the way), and now this? Seriously!?!

For those who haven’t yet seen it, I cannot recommend Two Cars, One Night enough. It almost seems like a preview of this show, but 15 years earlier and a world away.


I didn’t get any Tarantino vibes from the trailer… perhaps the name is similar, though reservation dogs have been a thing long, long before reservoir dogs.

Also, there’s been a lot of Canadian content on this subject… some schmaltzy CBC crap and others much closer to the bone. New ground hasn’t been broken here.

Not all, but some reservations are absolutely depressing on a level I don’t think a quirky Netflix/Amazon series would dare touch.

I’ve been to war zones, I’ve seen cities and their peoples pummeled to dust… I never thought I would see that level of disarray and hopelessness in my own country though.

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ETA - oops - I didn’t mean to reply to you, @Alvin_Goodman

Well, that looks interesting. Though when it comes to these projects, one has to wonder how much the well recognized name attached to it was involved. For example the film my friend edited/produced, CSA, had Spike Lee attached to it, although he had nothing to do with the finished product or how it was made, just helped promoted it at the end.) It looks like Sterlin Harjo is the captain, so to speak. Still, it looks like it has a mix of humor and drama. I think I will check it out!

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Elora Danan

Someone really likes Willow.


You had me at Taika…


Agree. The title and some skinny ties does not a Tarantino riff make. Totally eager to see this.

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