Taiwan court rules for same-sex marriage


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Love wins!


And yet the cover photo for same-sex marriage is furries. Or the Taiwanese equivalent.

Not sure tying same-sex marriage to this anchor is really where we need to be going as a society!!!



“I warned you about those godless Taiwanese!”


Suddenly the WH gets much more serious about One China policy.


This is the future that liberals want:

Because it seems pretty great.

Also: Yay for the Taiwanese court!


I don’t know how fast that pull of a pride parade in taiwan took but that must have been fast.


Very pretty yet headache inducing


So proud of my adopted home right now. There has been opposition to equality here but as usual it has come from two groups only - the elderly whose bigotry is too deeply ingrained by history to be altered, and the rabid religious who get their bigotry from a book. Both of them are very much minorities, although they are vocal. Their day is over, Taiwan is now leading Asia into a progressive future.

Of course the eventual law may disappoint but I’m reasonably confident that it won’t. The DPP will want to appease their voter base and will rush it through before the elections in 2018. That way it won’t be an election issue and they can claim the courts forced them to take action when the homophobes complain.



I want you to know that because you’ve left this image up after it should have been clear to you that it is unacceptable and portrays us as jesters and buffoons, I’m washing my hands of you.


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