Taiwan legalizes same-sex marriage

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Half-listened to some news recap I streamed this morning. Caught that news, didn’t think about it but liked it, and had a commentary half a minute later asking if China would invade Taiwan.
I nearly spilled my tea, made it rewind for some seconds and realised they were considering potential effects of the US-Chinese trade war and other tension.

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I’m sure the reasons to worry about China invading Taiwan make a long list, but given what a dumb place the world is I wouldn’t even be surprised if same-sex marriage was what did it.


Taiwan number one!


How did this happen after that referendum?
I mean, I’m not complaining, :rainbow_flag: but how on earth did the legislature end up voting for something so clearly unpopular with the electorate?


Think of it as the Alabama abortion law in reverse.


This is great to hear. I hope this inspires their neighbors to do the same.


My guess is it was not as wildly unpopular as believed the first time around. Only that the opponents were more readily mobilized to vote than those indifferent to it. The second go-round the marriage equality boosters mobilized or able to swing more voters.

Plus Marriage Equality is a huge boost for the economy. Taiwan has been building up a tourist industry for the last generation or so. This will definitely bring in European and American tourists in greater numbers.


I think this is more likely a poison pill to keep the invasion from happening!
Taiwan heard China was going to invade this weekend, now at Peking the order has been given to stand down - They’ve all gone queer over there! It’s a virus, I think?!


There were these proposals.

But I think they realized it might have the opposite intended effect


This was a vote in parliament, not a second referendum. It was held because two years ago the Constitutional Court ruled the existing marriage law unconstitutional and set a two year deadline to pass legislation introducing same-sex marriage.


Needed some good news for a change! Yay Taiwan. Invade Alabama please.

Kudos for correctly labelling Taiwan as a country. Lots of international media have tried to weasel their way out of China’s ire on that one.

This wasn’t another public vote. The government simply voted on which of three bills on marriage equality to roll with. Two were put forward by the bigot crew and kept gay marriage as firmly separate and different from hetero unions. The one they chose instead was the government’s own bill, which basically ignored the referendum and pushed ahead with what they promised at the elections (albeit slightly watered down.)

Yay Taiwan!

Nice to see nations acting correctly sometimes.
A breath of fresh air for the soul

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