Take a gander at the world's largest ball of paint

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I was going to protest that the Boing Boing image is an AI generated image and not a photo of the actual ball, but then I clicked through the article and saw the color and texture of the real thing, and I agree that the Boing Boing image is way better:

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I drove through the town, years ago, when I took SR9 north from Indianapolis to the Shipshewana area because why not. If I had just known about this then, the trip could have taken even longer.

Why does it look kinda like an alien egg?



As long as it’s not too wet you’re probably fine.

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I award your image click bait champion of the day

Indiana wasn’t on our Kitsch Trip route, so we missed this one. Guess we’ll have to see if we can include it in the follow up Kitsch Trip 2 Trip we’re planning for summer 2023.

Thank you @Mindysan33 for those Green brother videos about it. Hank and John are always enlightening.

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