Take a longer tour of Mr. Doodle's house

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It’s neat, but I couldn’t even watch the entire video. My eyeballs felt like they were vibrating after watching about half of it. I love doodling. I do some myself, especially when I’m in class, because for some reason, it helps me pay attention to the professor, but I could not spend any amount of time in that house.


I completely agree. I had to skip around through the video.

That can’t be a house that’s actually lived in normally. It’s got to be a second house. There’s way too many life-necessary stuff missing, like random socks on the ground and such.


Yeah, I got the impression this video was made shortly after finishing the project. I did watch part of the kitchen tour, and he mentioned something about not having used the appliances yet but hoping everything would work ok. So I’m thinking if it is the house they plan on living in, they hadn’t moved in yet. Either that or, like you said, the whole house is just an art piece.

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It looks like Mrs. Doodle, who colors in Mr. Doodle’s work, has her own work cut out for her.


My first thought was never put your keys down anywhere in that house. They’ll be lost in the void forever. 0_o


love it. once you actually moved stuff in, it wouldn’t be quite as overwhelming, i think. my eyes kind of got used to it after about 1/3 of the way in.

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