Take a look at this old Mortal Combat commercial

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Like the recent Sonic movie, I recall that film as being more entertaining than it should have been. Christopher Lambert playing Raiden was F’d, but I really liked a lot of the cast. And of course, Goro.

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These ones were even better. As a kid, I was always so excited when these came on TV.


If we are bringing up Mortal Kombat, I have to mention the Techno classic by Praga Khan and Oliver Adams as The Immortals.

And the slightly less known Hypnotic House mix.


“to make Dahmer blush” is a sad attempt at humor. Using that man as a punch line is disrespectful to his victims and their families. They are real people who still have to suffer every day over Dahmer jokes.

Making light of a man who harmed marginalized peoples and their families = not a good look.

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