Take a nerve-wracking trip 600 feet down this abandoned silver mine

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/11/13/take-a-nerve-wracking-trip-600-feet-down-this-abandoned-silver-mine.html


You are fully bonded and licensed by the state, aren’t you, Mister Mine?

Very mоist, thanks for that.


I must be getting old because I don’t understand the point of doing that.

People don’t seem to fully understand or appreciate that it’s not just about putting themselves in harm’s (or death’s) way, it’s about putting the poor shmucks who have to try to rescue your dumb ass there as well.

Near the end he talked a bit about how search and rescue won’t in a mine like that. (and how he wouldn’t want people risking their lives for him when he’s doing something that risky) I wonder - if that’s the case, why/what the criteria is.

Meh, I already did that back in 1972

with my bike and my dog…

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