Take out your zit-picking obsession on this pimple-popping toy (and not your skin)

YEEESHHHH! My ex, plus two of my daughters (all nurses) are obsessed with Dr. PP. They keep trying to get me to watch (“It’s so satisfying to watch all that goo come streaming out!”), but NO NO NO NO NO.

My concern with most of her patients (victims) is, how the hell did you let that zit/boil/cyst/pustule/blackhead get SO FREAKIN’ HUGE in the first place? I get the tiniest zit (usually under a nostril, due to a sad mustache whisker) and I TAKE THAT SUCKER OUT without delay. Even if I somehow developed something needing a better-trained person to deal with it, you can bet that I’d be knocking on my doc’s door when they opened at 8am tomorrow morning.

And Dear FSM Above, please don’t let this devolve into a discussion about Affordable Health Care.


Go for it.
No, seriously - go for it!

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