Take out your zit-picking obsession on this pimple-popping toy (and not your skin)


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/02/09/take-out-your-zit-picking-obse.html


Ahhhh! No no no no! Ahhhhhh-ahhh!!! :open_mouth:


“just like those videos we watch…”



This is both disgusting and wonderful.


For when bubble wrap just isn’t oozy enough.


I had a girlfriend who was obsessed with that habit, not fun to be on the receiving end.


This is down there with plastic barf. Gross!


These people need to team up with Dr. Pimple Popper.


Oh, you stumbled on this channel while browsing youtube too ?


Crap. Now I’m going to waste the day watching pimple popping videos.

Thanks a lot, BB.


Nah! a good part of the fun is the feeling!


No. Words.


These pimples are not going to pop themselves!


I’m going to make a machine that pops the zits on this for you itself, so you don’t have to use your hands. It’s going to be called the Pusero and cost $700. It will have a smartphone app for no reason, connect to your home wi-fi for no reason, and be wildly insecure, primarily to give Cory Doctorow fits. “The Pusero is trivially easy to hack and requires that you literally use your social security number as its password Internet of Shit arrrrrrgghhhhh”


Get it?


I predict they will have a good business in this.


The primate grooming instinct is strong, but – man, oh, man – my wife gets grumpy if I clean off my ear hair before she’s had a chance to pluck out a few.




I miss the Unicorn Chaser.


My skin is pretty good but I still get the occasional face-zit (usually stress-related) and tend to pick at them compulsively. I’ve been lucky overall, but right now I have a very visible scar between my nose and upper lip from one that developed about six weeks ago that I squeezed ONE TIME before realizing I just had to ride it out. It healed badly–might have been infected, I’m not sure–and I’m still cursing myself. If I had a sure-fire way to keep my pick-y fingers off my face…

But even so, this is disgusting.