Takedown archive Chilling Effects removes self from search engines




It’s lame to see them swayed by what seem like rather weak arguments. If Aistars claims the takedowns are legitimate, then how is listing them “maligning” to those who file them?

On another note - how about simply using IP addresses instead of URLs in the first place?


I don’t think just using the IP addresses would be helpful. Knowing that someone asked a specific URL at github is much more useful than seeing whatever IP that resolves to for normal people trying to access that information.

The only good news in that story is Adam Holland’s quote that it may not be a permanent change: “It may or may not prove to be permanent, but for now it’s the step that makes the most sense as we continue to think things through."


Chilling Effects is currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience, please check back later.

Uh oh. The thing about google, you see, is that it’s rather available and convenient. And fast.


the URL is https://www.chillingeffects.org/.


First they come for the snowmen, then for the Chilling Effects… Cool news, what else to say.


I’m pretty sure that’s a competing site, created by copyright lobbyists as a counter-intelligence tactic, filled with incorrect information.


No, that’s the correct one.


Copyright lobbyists wouldn’t point you to the EFF on an about page or use a CC license on their content.


Unless they’ve been duped too!
Or subverted at the highest level.

OMFG, I didn’t think of that! Thanks Carl!


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