Tampon gun


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file under some people have too much free time…


I was apprehensive about clicking the link, but your comment tells me all I need to know; thanks.


Don’t bother.

I’m glad that our feminine hygiene products give such amusement for some men.

eta: “some”


So it is as asinine, pointless and wasteful as it sounds?




Sums it up. I mean, menstrual paintball jokes, FFS.

Wish I hadn’t.


meh pretty much a basic pvc pipe contraption. i have never paid enough attention to the cost of the ‘ammo’ to know how cheap/expensive that would be. probably better off just buying yourself a nice nerf gun.


But more fragile. If you’re getting the PVC pipe fittings anyway, you might as well go for the dollars-worth of tubing too. And then you’ve got a cool marshmallow shooter that will stand up to repeated use.


Man I loved Nerf guns as a kid. I thought about getting them for my niece and nephew as solstice gifts, but I’m not sure my sister and brother-in-law would ever forgive me.


get some for the parents and yourself too. :wink:


It’s not that it’s super expensive per se, it’s that most states have a fucking “luxury” tax on it, as a “non-essential item.”

Which is why many women like myself would consider it needlessly wasteful.


Hey Sis, I just armed your kids. K’bye’now…


It would have been great to have a crowd of protestors with these at the RNC.


That’s messed up!


“Great”… until the lawsuits for assault and “emotional distress” begin.

I have to keep on this;

Tampons and pads are not a fucking luxury (or a toy.)

They are a personal hygiene necessity… one which would make pretty much everyone very unhappy if women en mass decided to just stop using them during that time of the month.



Damn, Texas hates women. Oh, wait, we knew that!

WTF? I just looked and the state sales tax is 6.25%. They do think you ladies are special.


I think California legislators just passed an bill making tampons and pads exempt.



I know, right?

They are just too “good” to us.

Baby steps, but I’ll take it.




Canada just banned taxes nationwide. Which is good… but I do mean JUST.

I have always wanted to stage a “bleed-in”. You think these products are optional? Ok. Ladies lets all wear skirts and go sit around parliment. Sit on all those nice plush chairs. See how optional they really are.

Next step: lets get bleach out of them! Why the fuck are things we bleed on bleached white!?