The world's first reusable tampon applicator

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More like tampon torpedo.

(Dibs on the name for the root grrl band I’ll promote.)




Ummm, there have been tampons without wasteful plastic applicators for years – without (somewhat less wasteful) cardboard applicators too. I think it’s the North American market that gets so uptight about just using your fingers (gasp!)

I should think it would be easier to wash your hands afterwards (which one hopes you are doing anyway) than wash this bloody plastic thing, and dry it, and stow it away for later use. Honestly.


reusable tampon applicator

“OB, it’s the way it should be.”


Girl here. Simply, NO.


I was going to say, ladies have it hard enough dealing with this issue, that I don’t know if a lot of people would want to deal with the added issues of messing around with a reusable applicator.

I mean, I know there are SOME people who would like this. Super crunchy people who save the back side of the TP for using next time. Dunno if there is enough to make it viable…

Hey - release the form on that 3D printing share site. Let people make their own!

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Uh, finally?

So this reminds me that hearing about a kitchen implement called the “cookie shooter” made me think that was something that shot out cookies like t-shirts. Nope.

But maybe a super-large tampon shooter for sporting events, for pegging out of control fans? We could call it the “Tampoon.”

So you think the creative genius behind this was male?

Yeah, now you mention it…

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I’m not suggesting anything. Just my opinion. Both sexes can come up with an unattractive idea. I wish them success with the fundraiser either way.


I don’t know about this… I feel like the first person to get a bad staph infection using this is going to have a pretty good lawsuit against the company who makes a reusable applicator. I took care of a teenager in the ICU who almost died from a tampon related infection…


Heathen - touching yourself makes Baby Jesus cry!


I’d pass on this iteration, and wait for the tampon gun. It’ll hold more than one for convenience, and the bolt action means it’s ready to go without having to hassle with reloading each time.

That’s pure genius. NRA will help with marketing and you can arm teachers with it to help in times of emergency.


[quote=“hanni5, post:10, topic:116677, full:true”] I
I’m not suggesting anything. Just my opinion. Both sexes can come up with an unattractive idea. I wish them success with the fundraiser either way.

I guess I was just thinking about actually using the product and it seemed an unattractive proposition pretty much immediately.

There are plenty of reusable menstrual devices: a variety of cups and sponges and washable pads, that are far safer for both the wearer and the environment. And OB without applicators are great. Other than for folks with mobility issues, I’ve never understood the need for applicators at all.


Just stopping by to see how many men would express an opinion on this. Good to see we’re not letting the side down.


yeah seriously, my first thought was: are they kickstarting human hands?


That’s great if your fingers are long enough for proper placement, for those of us with short fingers applicators are very useful.

Also since I bleed enough for a mini slasher movie (when not using the coil) it can be really bloody awkward to change my tampon in the stall and then have to move into the public area to wash my hands, especially if I can’t wipe all the traces off.

It’s often got nothing to do with being uptight, but necessity and expedience.


Good one!

The product may not be a huge breakthrough, but I dig the animation.