Tardis shower-rack


But it clashes with my ThinkGeek bathroom transporter room motif!

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You’ll be fine. They did a crossover comic.


It’s like its a covert Dalek infiltrator from the last Christmas special. Ghastly stuff. I love it.

But does it allow me to find Clara or Amy in the shower ?? Now, THAT would be a feature !!! (evil grin)

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I honestly miss the days when we weren’t pandered to as much as we are as fans.

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I thought it was strange that the “windows” are on the front-facing side, basically blocking the shelves behind them from being accessed from the front. But an additional picture on the site shows those shelves being used for tall bottles. Turns out the whole rack is only 20 inches high, so it’s not blocking as much as I initially imagined.

I love how it was a TNG/new DW series crossover, but there was a TOS/classic DW crossover INSIDE the main story. I really liked the whole thing, actually.

Ah, but the marketers have realized that fans and geeks and such tend to have money. . . .and by pandering to our tastes, they extract it from us. They found a need (ok, a WANT. . . ) and satified that.

Capitalism: it caters to geeks. . .

Note: Unfortunately, we can’t ship this product outside the US and Canada due to licensing restrictions. pfft!

Travel back to the 1500s before those laws apply. Travel to geographic destination. Travel to present day. Problem solved, no law breaking!

Also, a convenient segue into some aspects of higher dimensional geometry, in case you ever need one.

I’m sure their is a dropping the soap / larger on the inside joke in there somewhere.

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