Tattoo artists share their craziest client stories

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Happy Birthday Rick

Note: People have actually gotten this tattoo


My good buddy Ben Buck was my tattoo inkster back in my sailing days. His grace and talent I’ve yet to see matched. That ability to see through an-others eyes what they wanted in a tattoo,
made for very few disgruntled clients, he was a wizard beyond compare. I miss you Old Salt, but I carry many a happy reminder of you with me to this day.


Are they permitted to wear… colors?

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I have some socks that Massacre designed.

And… this clip makes me want a tattoo, a little.

In spite of a deep interest in tattoos, owning over a dozen books covering all kinds of tattoos, and having designed a few tattoos for friends and family in my life, I still don’t have a tattoo. I’m just too fickle to settle on anything that’s going to be permanently on my skin.

Same, i don’t own tattoo books but i have a few on my wishlist. I am not against getting one but nothing really calls out to me as something i just have to get inked.

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