Tattoo parlor offers free sessions to cover up of racist symbols

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“I choose the design” and thus choose to punish your past poor decision with a disturbingly phallic Pickle Rick.

I appreciate the idea, and I imagine there’s a significant overlap between “got racist tattoo” and “is willing to get a random tattoo” but still…


Currently, if I come across someone with an outrageous tattoo, I think “wacky person with a sense of humor”, would hate to abridge that to “former racists who got Pickle-ricked to hide their secret skinhead/nazi shame”.


Yeah. The flower was a perfectly viable cover up by itself.


I have a personal connection to Murray, KY (my late grandparents lived there) so it sounds good that there are a few people who are actively trying to work on the racism problem in Kentucky.
I don’t think I remember encountering even a single POC whenever we visited. So strange.


These are the good people the world needs more of.

Using art to erase hate is a kind of beauty I rarely get to see.

Also, pickle Rick over stars and bars is hilarious. Carry on


Those people should count their blessings. Normally Rick doesn’t let neo-Nazis off so easily.


ETA: Also, in relation to the “I choose the design” part it looks like the recipient gets a couple options to choose from out of a selection created by the artists. I don’t think they just surprised the woman with a pickle on her ankle.

There will be options for ideas but all designs and ideas will be up to Jeremiah, or Ryun King which ever one is doing your tattoo.


That whole ending montage was incredible.

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Can I have the green penis one even if I don’t have the nazi one? Asking for a friend…


I didn’t initially realize the photos were both the same person and was fully prepared to accept that pickle rick had become the new pepe the frog.

If I had to choose between being tattooed with pickle rick or a confederate flag… well, I’d choose pickle rick, but I’d really hate making the choice.


So first cover-up’s free, but then they have to pay to cover up the larger second one or be stuck with a Pickle Rick tattoo? Pretty sweet grift.

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The covering design is severely limited by the design it is going to cover.

So the pros have to have the final say to get an acceptable result.

optimistic me wants to believe that people have grown and changed their racist views, cynical me wonders how many will take advantage of a free tattoo service just to hide their racist tats in order to avoid being punched for them.


From the article:

King covered up the flag with a Pickle Rick, a character from the cartoon “Rick and Morty.”

Technically, he covered it with the flower.

I would love to hear the reason behind adding Pickle Rick, as well as seeing more of the coverups they’ve done. Especially the guy with the giant swastika and the other one with the forearms already covered in hate symbols.

Agreed, however you can see the flower covered the flag just fine. Pickle Rick is extraneous.

Maybe she wanted Pickle Rick?


Did you even read to the end before commenting? It says:

If it is hate related, in any way, we will schedule you a day to come get it cover up for free, at the artists choosing. There will be options for ideas but all designs and ideas will be up to Jeremiah, or Ryun King which ever one is doing your tattoo.

This is obviously so that this offer isn’t exploited, if you want more input into what you get, they will give you that if you actually pay money.

It’s a pretty generous offer, and I doubt they have any intention to ridicule the person.


I guess we will never know. My line of thought is this:

  • the free tattoo is a coverup tattoo from – according to the article – “numerous designs they can choose from.” (edit) although as @lizard-of-oz points out, on the FB post they say there are “options for ideas”, but the final designs/ideas will be up to the tattooist (not sure how that works)
  • the flowers cover the flag just fine
  • why spend the extra time to include Pickle Rick when it doesn’t really go with the flowers, and doesn’t do anything to cover up the racist tattoo?
  • so did she pay to have the Pickle Rick included, or did he do it for the lulz?
  • Is every free coverup tat going to include whimsey?

From their website: At Gallery X Art Collective you will find knowledgeable artists willing to listen ​to your ideas without judgment and translate them to works of art.

Without judgment. I wonder if they would decline work having to do with the creation of racist symbols.

They donate their time to removing racist tattoos? I find it pretty clear that they would not take part in creating them.


There’s a big difference between an artist non-judgmentally listening to an idea for a tattoo and that artist then signing off on doing it. The tattoo artist isn’t obligated to work their craft on you if they think your tattoo idea is hateful.