Tattoo parlor offers free sessions to cover up of racist symbols

Of course. But there are people being tattooed with racist symbols, nonetheless.

That said, it would be helpful if the subject collective had a clear mission statement on their website.

Ever been to a house party where there’s a guy with a tattoo gun who “wants to practice”? I haven’t either, but that’s exactly how my brother got some of his worst tattoos.


It’s still better that they cover them up.

But I don’t think many people think like that. The kind of person who isn’t embarrassed by their racist tattoo isn’t going to worry that it might get them punched.

yeah, you’re probably right. if they are outspoken enough about their bigotry to get them in the first place, the possibility of a punch probably would not faze them.

It seems pretty clear from what’s been said so far; they’re happy to cover up racist tattoos for free, with a choice of tattoos from a set of available designs.
And yes, there are people getting tattoos with inappropriate or racist designs or symbols, but what has that got to do with this situation? These guys are covering up, not creating new designs, and they’re highly unlikely to be doing anything iffy if they’re doing this.
This is a service for those who regret a decision made probably years before, which would otherwise cost money that many people at the moment just don’t have available.
This is a Good Thing, no?

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Yeah, that gave me pause. If the idea is to move away from toxic alt-right subcultures, hardcore Rick and Morty fandom is not the first thing that springs to mind.

I applaud their gift of Pickle Ricks for everyone.

Once upon a time, a time where we were financially constrained, I turned down work to do a ‘re-launch package’ for a big game and exotic animal hunter who would take rich clients to shoot possibly endangered animals all over the world. Bleep that. I’d have been thrilled to do it if the ‘hunting’ were with a camera. Or you take on the elephant with stone age weapons made in situ (heh). Otherwise… I’d rather starve than sell my soul.

This is one of the key ethics issues in the tattoo community (from what I can tell as an outsider; I have friends and acquaintances who are artists and many more with ink, though I myself don’t). The short version is that an artist that’s not racist won’t do that kind of work and won’t refer you to someone who does. Many, many artists will do hate-related coverups free of charge or deeply discounted.

My hometown had a ton of little tattoo shops. You found out pretty quick which shop’s clientele was all bikers and rednecks, and which shops were actually about body art.

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