Video: Red Rose Tattoo offers to cover up racist ink at no charge in a stand against hate

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Good people exist. Really important in this era to remember that good people exist.


Yeah, that does seem a bit sour in this context. It’s not like they were covering them up on the way to, say, prison, or their first day of work as a security guard.

The gentleman replacing his anonymous malefactor with a colorful eagle covered the bases of hesitation: “People get like that because they don’t understand, or don’t want to understand, or they’re afraid to try to understand.” Coming from an abusive childhood, he says he has changed his life to a place where he wants it. I believe him.


Did you watch the video?

What does one’s economic status have to do with whether they’re deserving?

Tragically, there are some people who are full of hate and yet know it’s wrong to hate the oppressed, so they hate those who hate the oppressed. When those who hate the oppressed or even just everyone, as with the abuse survivors in the video, grow out of their hate and learn to love, the people who feed on hating them cannot tolerate letting go of their outrage so they refuse to believe people can change.

Others turn it inward as I did when I was an angry young man unwilling to hurt other people but unable to let go of my anger.

Then there are the few who simply want to watch the world burn and be on the right side of its immolation.


Zanesville is way out there in the red part of Ohio. I hope his message comes across the right way.


Perfect for the rising politician who wants to replace their teenage racist tattoo with something like “VOTE GOP”

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I’m from Zanesville and I loved this video.


The Klansman tattoo is a replica of a Phillip Guston painting, isn’t it?

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Coincidental I’m sure, but there are similarities to “Conspirators”. Thanks for a dive down the Art rabbit-hole this morning!

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The tattooist only offers non racist cover-ups. “Vote GOP” does not qualify.


I hate to break it to you but this is every part of Ohio not within the boundaries of a medium sized city (even small cities in Ohio are quite red, ie Youngstown or that shithole Canton.)


I wouldn’t really call Youngstown red. Mahoning county has gone Democratic in every election since 1972, yes including 2016. Trumbull county went for Trump, but has gone blue every other election back to 1972. While Stark county as a whole swung hard right this time, Clinton still carried Canton.


Many shops will do free cover ups of swastikas, 88s, SS bolts, etc., if they’re not too big. It’s pretty cool.


It’s his time, why should he charge for it if he is willing and able to provide it as a free service? If these people have decided that they don’t want to be walking billboards for hateful, racist ideologies anymore then why add some artificial barrier to that goal?

If flying racist symbols is an assault against society does it not then follow that ending said assault should be the first priority instead of worrying that an ex-Nazi might be getting a sweet coverup he didn’t have to pay for?


Man, I wish it were required to watch the video before commenting, half of these comments are by Judgy McJudgersons that underestimate peoples’ capacity for change (nevermind what folks will do when they’re young/ignorant/poor or all of the above).


Right, like the young woman who got the swastika on her foot while she was a drunk teenager in a toxic relationship with a white supremacist she has since renounced. How does it benefit anyone if she’s forced to keep the tat?


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