Taxidermy clearance sale


You might also like Paxton Gate and The Bone Room, both in the Bay Area. But for a real opportunity check out Goliath at (the now only on-line) Maxilla and Mandibles, with β€œan estimated length of over 100 feet, making it the largest sauropod ever offered for sale.”


Right now, the Paxton Gate in Portland has an amazing collection of taxidermy. The hippo in particular is impressive, and they had a lion and lioness (full body) when I was last there. Btw, Allen, I was a big fan of the suit with stars. Still, I think you need to up your shoe game in order to become a true fashion icon of the community. You can learn from Gromov in this respect.

This taxidermy will blend excellently with my monocle, Urban Outfitters boots, and douchebaggery.


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