Taylor Swift fan discovers "cursed" vinyl copy with songs about "flakes of flesh"

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Where are my Cab-Volt heads? Yashar (song) - Wikipedia


Shouldn’t’a played it back’ards dearie… cackles… :smiling_imp:


Probably most people won’t even know, because most records are sold as keep-sakes or wall art and the record inside is never played.


If I bought a copy of “Happy Land” and heard songs about ex-boyfriends and Emma Stone, I would be as equally miffed.



Is Cabaret Voltaire on the A side too?

I figured there was a pressing error. Or Taylor Swift is trying to expose fans to early industrial/goth/dance.

PIG’s Pain is God remix album, Pain Killer, was originally mis-pressed (mis-burnt?) as the CD had The Joy Thieves - American Parasite on it!

They had to recall and re-release them, including the signed pill shaped card inside. I scrambled and found someone pissed they got the bad version and bought his and sent him a copy of the correct one. So now I have both version, with the different colored signed pill card.


… she is the last great american songwriter, after all. Stanford certified.


I’m confused.
Is this supposed to be a good and unexpected outcome, or bad and unexpected outcome and the fan seeking a refund?


If this is real, that disk should be worth a boatload. And if I worked at a pressing plant I would do this every time we switched pressings.

We buy and listen to vinyl, but a few years ago my daughter wanted a poster of Bjork’s Debut. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for (they were either cropped, had weird text on them or were original subway posters that cost hundreds). I ended up buying the record, framing the original sleeve for her and making a dummy out of a blank sleeve. Came out great!

I think I really captured her contemplative, soft-focus manner.


My understanding is that this involves a line from Harlan Ellison’s Outer Limits episode “Demon with a Glass Hand”.

“There’s 70 billion people of Earth, where are they hiding?”


I now own three vinyl mis-pressings. I have the two-LP “A Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson”, with side 3 being some 5-piece jazz combo. Recently I picked up a used copy of Waylon Jennings’ Greatest Hits, but side A is another artist (unless I miss my guess, it’s Hank Snow). Lastly, a friend recently gave me a pile of LPs because he was leaving town, and among them was Steven Stills 2. On the B side, that label was mis-applied way off center, making the last two songs on that side unplayable because the label infringes deeply into the playing surface.

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I think what the 70 billion people on earth are hiding is mostly their numbers, since almost 90% do not show up on population estimates.

they’re dead and buried.

Oh. Got to give it up, that’s a good hiding place.


I am enjoying the hell out of Happy Land. Thanks, random culture moment!

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