Teasmade: the classic British bedside tea-brewing alarm-clock, now available in the USA


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If it’s for the U.S., it needs a companion ice maker for those who drink iced tea.


i don’t see a snooze button, which means this ends up hitting the wall on the far side of the room or i turn it off and sleep in and have cold tea on my way to being late to work.


Can they remake this one? Albert Richardson’s Teasmade:



This thing is so ugly…



What about hotdogs, spaghetti, and hardboiled eggs are made?


Before elf’n’safety got involved, Teasmades used to make the tea before the alarm went off, Now that was useful.


You seem to have a couple of extra letters in the front of f’n’safety.

I’ve got a '74 teasmade. Fully electromechanical, just the way I like it - and like you say, the kettle starts heating about 10 minutes before the alarm is set to go off.

For those not in the know, the kettle section on the older units is a simple metal jug with a short detachable lead on it. When it boils and the water gets transferred from the kettle to the teapot, a weight switch under the now-lighter kettle triggers the buzzer and the lights and cuts the power to the heating element, so the alarm goes off exactly when it’s done it’s job. It also means you can’t put an empty kettle on,set the alarm and then burn down the house in the morning, or do something stupid like plug the kettle in and put it on the table behind the unit and get boiling water everywhere - the buzzer goes off straight away to warn you as there’s no weight on the switch.


The U.S. version is only compatible with Lipton’s teabags, and the water temperature is pegged at ‘tepid’.



The UK models too, never hot enough’

OK if you like drinking tepid perfume in the morning or herbal tea, but no self-respecting Yorkshire man is going downstairs for cow juice and back up again, the clock mechanisms can be noisy as well.

Not my cup of tea!


Is it internet-enabled?


:notes: The best part of waking up, is hotdogs in your cup! :notes:


When I hear that, I substitute it for Jobsworth.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “A person in authority (esp. a minor official) who insists on adhering to rules and regulations or bureaucratic procedures even at the expense of common sense.”

99% of the time I’m right too.


Depends on how much time you have to make it work.


My tea is a little salty this morning, weird.


I’ve done all those things, but where is the ramen?


I don’t know enough about your “elf’n’safety” to give an opinion but Boy does Jobsworth make sense all over the world…
triple P’s, Petty Pissants in Power. They’re drawn to bureaucracies like flies to cowpies.


Our secret?

##Hotdog water!


you can use the filter basket to steam broccoli, and lets not forget heating canned soup in the pot. when you live in a dorm for a year and they allow coffee makers but not hot plates, you get very creative. did you know that you can make quesadillas using the small corn tortillas on the mini hot plate where the coffee pot goes if you disable the pot in place sensor?

maybe i should write a coffee pot cuisine cookbook? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: