Tech Advice: iPad apps for temporarily paralysed friend

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but then you guys are generally cool so, a little help (or shove to the correct place) would be appreciated.

As part of an on going and increasingly difficult fight with cancer, a friend has recently had two tumours removed, one from his neck, the other from his brain. This has left him with, hopefully temporary, paralysis. He can communicate using his eyes, and that’s about it.

He does have an ipad, and I was wondering, but cannot find, if there were any apps suitable to help someone with hardly any movement and no voice to communicate. I only have a few hours before I’m to see him again and would like to have a solution for him.

If there is not anything on the ipad, then if there were anything other advice, tech or whatever you could point me to, thanks.




I don’t personally know of an easy answer for your friend, but the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation have some resources that might be helpful.

2012 Guide to the best apps for individuals living with paralysis

Order form for their free Paralysis Resource Guide

There is also an online version of the Paralysis Resource Guide, but I can only post two links in this message, so check for this link on their site.

I hope these links offer some assistance. Good luck to you and your friend.


A couple more links for devices in development. Try contacting them for information.