Self-leveling spoon for people with disabilities

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Might be just as useful for stable goPro videos as it is for eating.

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That problem is SOLVED, SOLVED SOLVED. This is an attempt to take a technology that’s of interest to a a niche group of overprivileged hobbyists and ne’erdowells, and make it socially justifiable for a broader mass of people, not just the hipster crowd.

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I’m (wild-ass) guessing that Disque was going for humor or sarcasm. If you have someone (such as a sister with ALS) who might benefit from tech-focused assistance, it’s certainly worth looking into.

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Yea, this looks really useful if you have certain disabilities and like edamame.

It is rather expensive. 200 bucks for the body, 35 bucks each for the lenses, erm, utensils. That’s an expensive table setting.

It’s competing with “weighted” utensils. So, from a therapeutic point of view, the stabilizer has to be more effective than something like this.

If it is, great.Being able to consume dinner without frustration is surely worth a few bucks. If it’s only on par, or marginally more useful than a low tech offering, it’s insulting. I have hopes for it, but utimately, it’s what the end user makes of it that counts.

Here’s an example of how a camera lens works around tremors.

My thoughts exactly. This can be done with all passive components. Allow the head of the spoon or fork to swivel inside the handle, and counterweight each side of the head.

Why would one need a knife for salad?


…With salad you have the option of eating it with fork alone or knife and fork. If you chose to eat salad with fork only you can use the side of the fork to cut different bits of the salad and put them into your mouth, whether you are left handed or right handed. If you choose to use the salad fork and the knife, then you will have that choice of American style of dining or European style of dining, with how you use the utensils. If we are using American style, we will cut one bite of the salad, we will place the knife to the top of our plate. We will switch the fork to our right hand and we will eat the bite that we have just cut and time after time we are going to do that as we cut and eat each bite. If we have chosen to eat in the European fashion, we are going to make that first cut, we are going to use our knife to push other bits of lettuce or cucumber or carrot in this case to make a nice little bite on the end of this fork, keep our elbows closed, rest our wrists on the edge of the table, pivot this hand bring the food to your mouth with the fork not switching the knife and fork from hand to hand. This is called the European style…

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Generally salad ingredients are already bite-sized. A notable exception is a traditional Caesar, where the romaine leaves are served whole. However, they are meant to be picked up with the fingers.

So I still don’t understand what’s being cut.

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The upper crust from the dregs of society, of course. Frankly, though, etiquette sometimes does require more coordination than I can muster.


It helps if you avoid that dumb switching the fork from one hand to the other. Besides, it’s the mark of a rube.

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Your point is sound, but why such a broad salvo of camera user hate? The GoPro brand in particular might be associated with “extreme” bronanigans and vacuous selfie-sticking youtubers, but some of us ne’erdowells are just glad to have better tools for our jobs.

Basically, decent camera movement is a pain.

For the last hundred years we’ve had nothing else other than the most primitive McGyvering:

Only to have this kind of ridiculous bullshit be the current state of the art:

Thankfully, rapidly improving tech like the in-camera stabilization you mentioned, gimbals and such seems to point toward a near future when “actually pretty good”-level results will be squeezable from cute little bastard rigs such as these:

They might already be good enough. I’ll let you know when I can afford the import taxes and conversion rates.

So, yeah. Complaining aside, I’m personally glad all that stabilization is serving any purpose other than making tank guns even more deadly. Or whatever else the military has been doing with it for decades before anyone else could afford to try it.

I love her smile. It’s such a little thing and it makes her so happy.

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