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The first rule of Tech Club is “you do not talk about Tech Club because it bores the pants off of anyone not in Tech Club.”


I’ve moved on from Cygwin to the FSF GnuTools. But I’m curious to see how this works out.

Once I get Windows 10.


I haven’t run anything through this yet, but would appreciate feedback from anyone who has:

(Some of my tax dollars allotted through DHS that actually seem to be doing something useful…)


Kewl! I had been meaning to work on a formula for getting people’s pants off.


is taking one’s pants off really an appropriate response to being bored?
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much more subtle than the classic yawn and look at the watch.
sorry my post is in no way tech related.


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You mean it’s relatively reasonable to install a reasonable CLI on Windows finally? :tearsofjoy:

P.S. We do not speak of Cygwin unless we want to hear a long angry rant.


Hyperbole and all that. In my own little rural-Connecticut-filled-with-babbies-bubble I had never before heard of Kik, but I had heard of Azer Koçulu, and even communicated with him a bit over an Emacs package.


I need to try that… I just did the win 10 upgrade on my laptop.
I miss having a good unix-like shell.


Anybody mind telling an old Unix head (I can’t grow the damn beard, too much Swedish ancestry) why I should care about PowerShell? What do I get for messing with Win systems aside from WMI / RPC?


I’m a Windows user in a Windows shop, and have been for 13 years. And I still can’t be arsed to learn PowerShell.


I haven’t run GNU tools since I got hobbled to a Windows bench maybe 7 years or so ago. I probably can’t comment on the current state. Keep us posted though. Who knows where I’ll be tomorrow. (Did I just try to spell knows with a ‘g’. aghhhhh.)


Powershell is the only scripting language on windows that can talk to every weird framework Microsoft has built over the years:


Hell, you can write c# code right in the script, which gives you the ability to P/invoke native *.dll methods even.

I still cannot claim it as my favorite, though.


Thanks for that. Any idea about access to all of those frameworks from other languages? It’s not a priority for me at the moment, but last time I was dealing with WMI /RPC, etc. the APIs were all being accessed externally using code on non-Windows systems.


Perl/python definitely have some modules for COM, which should get you WMI and maybe a couple others, but I suspect those are windows only modules.

I am more of a Windows dude so accessing such thing from *Nix I have never been tasked with.

But hey, I think powershell might be coming to Linux along with .Net core.


Well, there is scriptcs.

I’ve used for a couple of things where I can’t use NodeJS.


Again, not a priority for me at this point. I’ve got a couple of Dev’s from a prior company I can speak with if I need to get “nuts and bolts”, just wondered.


I use powershell constantly. It’s a damn sight better than CMD.EXE. Powershell actually lets you do conditionals and loops in a way that makes sense.

Also I do a lot of active directory stuff, and you can get a lot more work done faster in powershell than using a fundamentally hostile GUI tool like Active Directory Users and Computers.

For instance, ADUC has no way to search machine descriptions using “string contains”. Nope, in ADUC the best you can do is “starts with” or “ends with” or “is/isn’t empty”

Total garbage.

With powershell you can just pull down whatever machine descriptions you want, pipe it into a GREP-alike and search for what you want using a regex. Much nicer.