Tech YouTuber unboxes original iPhone

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Part of me is pained at seeing all that collector value being ruined

I get it as someone that collects things, but it also seems kind of weird that the original iPhone is considered some kind of item to collect. Also given enough time the battery in these phones is bound to explode or corrode and eat its way through the phone, so a mint in box phone is ultimately going to be ruined some day anyway


i still have my original iphone, and probably the box, too, but not together. and my screen is shattered. the battery doesn’t hold a charge anymore, either. what’s that worth? well anyway, i’m going to some day nail it to the wall in my garage, because that’s what i do with my phones when they are different enough from each other and they are dead. it’s fun to see the history of my phones with a big ol’ contractor’s nail through them, stuck on my wall.

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Maybe do a YouTube search on “ruptured lithium battery” …


the battery is dead, dead, dead. and it’s not the first phone with a battery that’s on that wall. if need be, i can nail it away from the battery, but it really won’t be a problem.

Unboxing videos are a fetish I do not understand/care for.


strange parts did quite a fair battery exchange out…
but that’s all the tools and never mind the gosub…

It’s probably best to just leave the thing in the box because the original iPhone used to be a really crummy phone (unlike most other – non-smart – phones at the time it didn’t even have 3G connectivity, which Jobs wisely left for the second model because he knew everyone who bought the original would want to get that one, too, in order to have something that was actually usable; also, no non-Apple apps).

Then in a few years you can bin the box with everything in it, unless you can find a YouTube influencer who still wants to pay you $$$.

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