Technical drawings and vintage video of the 1970s BMW R90S

Ah. I had the more extravagant paint scheme.

Me somewheres in Chiapas.


I sold my Africa Twin for a KTM Adventure 950.

One of my biggest mistakes with my vehicles except for all the others. 750cc was the perfect size for long distance mixed travel on two wheels. That KTM was a beast, and I can’t imagine one of them newer bimmers off road.

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It’s a really good machine, the only thing I’m missing is ABS, really.
Apart from the electric petrol pump giving up (replaced with vacuum-operated pump) never any problems, just wear and tear.
By now it’s beginning to show its age though, so in two to three years the big decision will be major overhaul or looking for a good newish used one.

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Cheers, mate!

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The big BMWs handle surprisingly well if you’ve got a bit of experience. And the right tyres.
Most of my bike-friends have a GS, two of them are driving instructors. They also organise safety trainings, so I’ve picked up a lot from them. Really improved my driving style.

A KTM might be nice, but I haven’t tried one yet.

Also nice: Triumph Tiger or Aprilia Capo Nord.

Ah well, we’ll see.


It’s brilliant. I’ve not had it off-off-road just yet as I’ve got the adventure sports version and getting decent crash bars has been problematic. The wee bits of lanes I’ve been down show that the back wheel is basically magical. The throttle by wire flutters the gas to keep you moving.

It’s decent as a long range tourer. I rode London to Melbourne on a Tenere 660, which looking back on it is everything the twin isn’t - in a bad way.

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