Technology Connections

Hi folks, I thought I’d share a Youtube channel I’ve been getting into lately; I think this guy’s style and content would appeal to a lot of BBers.

Alex Watson is a geeky, tweed-wearing millennial with a deep interest in AV tech, particularly retro stuff. He’s also into lighting and electric cars. He gets pretty in-depth, but his content seems pitched at folks without a lot of prior knowledge (as a result, I find him a bit overly repetitive at times as he sometimes restates the same thing in a few ways). Anyway, he seems like a really nice guy, in an endearing ‘on-the-spectrum’ sort of way (if he posted here, I reckon he’d win a pedant pendant). Have a squiz.

Technology Connections

BTW, if you’re interested in what other channels I’m subscribed to, click my av and there’ll be a link to my YT profile.

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