Ted Cruz invades my personal space

So, I just discovered that the big psychic fair I put on every year (which is tomorrow) will be sharing our hotel with the Young Americans for Freedom conference. Their speakers include the editor-in-chief of brietbart.com, 2 FOX contributors, the author of Jihad Watch, and Ted Fucking Cruz.

Now, They have every right to rent out the property for their conference. I just kind of feel like we should have had SOME kind of advance notice, considering that A) We book the space a year in advance for the past 3 years, and B) This is a group which is openly hostile to the extremely liberal / nonchristian / LGBT friendly audience we tend to cater to. 90% of the people who attend my event take “safe space” very seriously. I would have seriously looked into changing the date or finding a new hotel if I’d known.

Am I overreacting?


Look at the bright side—hundreds of magick practitioners will have the opportunity to put a hex on Ted Cruz’s Presidential ambitions before he even gets out the gate.


Elder Witch: Right, we need a lock of his hair.

Junior Warlock: Ok. Um… how the hell am I supposed to get that?

The Seer: Eh, I don’t think that will be too hard.

Elder Witch: Tell us what vision of the future you have received, oh great seer.

The Seer: Oh, no omen. He’s in line for coffee over there.

Junior Warlock: Well speak of the Devil.


I’ve been in that position myself so I empathize completely.

It’s tough, because what SHOULD happen is that at least some of the participants from the other group have a nice interaction with people from your group and realize that maybe their fear and hatred is wrong…but what is LIKELY to happen is that they’ll only notice the more outré members of your group and use that to bolster their assumptions that they’re right to fear and hate others who are not exactly the same.

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