Teen basketballer impaled by floorboard during court slide


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Satan’s work, I tell you!


Can you say “lawsuit,” boys and girls?

I knew you could!


if the floor is fairly new, they should be finding out who put that floor in and making sure this was just a freak accident… because otherwise who knows - this could be a problem in other floors this company has put down…


Aaaaaaaaaa! Worst splinter ever. My toenails just curled up like roller blinds thinking about that.

I managed a pretty good one as a kid, shuffling barefoot on a redwood swimming pool deck: probably about an two inches wide and half an inch deep, although it looked to me like twice that.


See, if you’re a professional installer, you’re not supposed to have freak accidents. People are paying you to get it right so the floor doesn’t pop up and stab people. Thank God the injury wasn’t more serious, but if I owned that flooring company we would be up in front of reporters demanding to pay all her medical bills. It’s cheaper than losing all your customers.


If you watched the full video, fairly new apparently means 15 years old. I’m pretty sure the installer is no longer liable.


(I’ll have to find an excuse to use that in casual conversation some day.)


there was no need to repeat the story here.


If you were supposed to have them, wouldn’t they be just regular accidents?


I think all my extremities just turned inside out envisioning this.


Reminds me of this horror show that was making the rounds in climbing circles a few years back:


**Colorado, Eldorado Canyon State Park** On September 4, Patrick Kadel (age unknown) was climbing Break On Through (5.11) when he fell seconding the first pitch. Before the belayer could stop his fall, Kadel somehow impaled his right forearm into the rope- end carabiner of a point of protection. According the victim, his fall was stopped by hanging from the carabiner impaled in his forearm. The climbers rappelled and walked out to the road with the carabiner still impaled in Kadel,s forearm. The victim refused medical attention and an ambulance and was transported to a hospital in a private vehicle.

This type of accident rarely occurs. This year, however, two reports of a
carabiner impaling and/or lacerating an arm were reported (see North
Carolina). Although the actual cause of both accidents is only
speculation, climbers can prevent this type of incident by not grabbing
long slings during a fall and consider using locking carabiners on the
rope-end of long draws. (Source: Steve Muehlhauser, Park Ranger,
Eldorado Canyon State Park and Aram Attarian)

[1]: http://publications.americanalpineclub.org/articles/13201105301/Fall-on-Rock-Carabiner-Impaled-in-Arm-Colorado-Eldorado-Canyon-State-Park




Noooope why did I click that. Nopenopenope… I hate splinters…



Workshop accidents, especially with the big machines, are much more grisly. Here’s just some fairly clean pierce of small diameter and relatively low depth, no piece is separated, and not even a bone is exposed.


I was just limiting myself to sports injuries, and specifically impalings. Compound fractures, getting tangled in wheat combines, etc. are more grisly. (Fork the danger thread with nods to Phineas Gage?)

ETA: I also just like the improbability of these. You look at a saw in a lumber mill and know things could go horribly wrong if you approach it incorrectly. Getting impaled by your gym floor or winding up hanging off your arm impaled by a carabiner has a certain WTF element to it.


OK, I didn’t need to see that.


The only reason i said freak accident was if it’s a problem in other places, that’s really bad. And all those floors need to be fixed.


Thanks, one more thing to worry about.


That carabiner is uncomfortably close to the brachial artery. It would have been very messy if he’d torn that …