Teen busted issuing fake parking tickets and trying to collect the fines

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forward 5 years he will have figured out to hack boston dynamics robo- ticketers and do it all from several anonymous vpn connections paid with crypto and while stealing bandidth from r.v’ rs with mobile starlink connections while he sits in an exotic hot springs in the middle of the wilderness. then after washing the money selling nfts he’ll just order everything he needs on amazon.


Or he’ll get hired by Martin Shkreli or Elon Musk because he has the type of out-of-the-ethics thinking that they like.


I got the triple buzzword bingo off that! what is my prize? /sarcasm /silly


So basically the kid in Ozark.


My uncle, a Dorset (UK) man, still tells the story of the man who walked in to the council office demanding to see the car-park attendant so he could pay his daily fee.
The council, after brief investigation, told him that that particular car-park (space for 200-ish) was free and always had been.
The man who had been playing dress-up for nearly ten years and had pocketed £2 per day per car all that time had clearly retired from his non-existent job.
The locals reckon he got away with the thick end of a million.
TBF, the locals also don’t resent a penny of it because, well, what a story.


This has happened at a couple of other car parks I know of. And last summer in Milwaukee, WI, a whole lot full of cars got towed because the owners followed a guy with a flag directing them to park there for 15$. There was a big concert at the local fair grounds. The city must have thought it hit the jackpot, but once the sheer number of people scammed became apparent they waived the tow fees. The scammer was never found.
This is the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that we should be celebrating, right? /s


That sounds like the Bristol Zoo urban myth (that isn’t)


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