Teen offers pot brownies for homecoming votes, does not win election

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“The cheerleader gave goody bags to football players, a standard practice before games”



Rookie mistake.

“Hey, Todd, wasn’t there something we were supposed to do?”

“I dunno, man. Pass me another brownie”


“Goody bags”

9 brownies were still unaccounted

Wha? I don no wha you tahking abou…



My daughter is in high school. I was surprised to see all of the weirdly gendered things that schools ask cheerleaders to do that I wasn’t even aware of when I attended.


This is still a thing? That shit needs to die in a fire.


My Sophomore year of HS 1973, our class president at the time asked me if I wanted to smoke a doob after school. Of course I accepted but then got roped into painting signs for some thing. It was fine and I smoked some shitty weed. That incident came up during graduation, but to no ill effect on any of the involved parties.

Also HS students do stupid shit at times

The exact opposite of energizing the electorate


In other words voter suppression?

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Voter intoxication? Depression?

She’ll go far in this life.

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A dozen? She thought she could buy the homecoming crown for a dozen brownies? Dude, I would have made like ten dozen, and then there’s some for me…

Oh I get it.

She didn’t win? What were the other candidates giving out???


It shouldn’t hurt her chances of being confirmed as a Supreme Court justice.

Oh wait. A woman, and drugs? Lock her up!


All brownies are special, so she could have avoided the legal issues.

Was she trying to tip the vote, or did she never have a chance? If you’re an outsider, bribes won’t work, they’ll take what’s offered, but won’t reciprocate.

Though maybe she was “in”, since she had the grass, and that’s really a social thing.

A large postcard came in the mail today, about pot starting the 17th, right at the top, the warning that you must be a legal adult. So even in the land of legal pot, this would have been illegal.

If weed is legal in the state she moved to; will they refuse to extradite her?

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