'Weed Fairy' in Seattle giving away bud on flyers




If someone put up fliers with candy attached to them, would you trust it enough to eat it?

Trusting people is great, but please be smart about ingestion, folks. All it takes is one asshole with a sick sense of humor to tamper with one of these, or put up their own fake.


hope bansky rips this off



In other words, it’s just about like trusting any other drug dealer…


Other drug dealers make money by not killing their customers. Giving the stuff away for free has the opposite effect on your finances.


Fuckin’ A. There looks to be just enough there to go in a one-hitter. I wouldn’t put it past some fucker thinks they’re funny to soak it in something surprising, like 5-MEO DMT.


I’m trying to come up with a way of saying “But what about the children?” that doesn’t sound like “But what about the children?”

Seriously, this seems like a Bad Idea™.


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