All those 2015 Halloween scare stories exposed

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But what if they were real? Do you want our children eating razor blades? What if it was an act of Muslim terrorism! That’s right, TERROR!


Reason #47835 in the list of
“Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

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I hope you’re not talking about Facebook.

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Quite clearly there is a need for legislation to require candy containing needles to bear a notice on the package.

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SO many of these stories popped up this year, for some reason. At least, seems like more local ones than usual. And the original stories almost always get huge shares around Facebook, etc… And then the follow-up, when it’s determined that it was, in fact, a hoax, is never shared. It’s almost like people enjoy spreading ignorance.


If you buy candy from Monsanto, and leave it in a pile of Roundup, this kills off all of the needles and leaves the candy safe to eat.


We have a local story. Waiting to hear this is a hoax as well. So far everyone is in a tizzy about this.

I’m usually against companies suing people, but in this case I’d love to see these people get slammed by the candy companies for slander or sum such legal mum-boo jumbo.

Oh, I shared it on my Facebook page, all right. Gotta let them know I’m not fooled.

I don’t think any of the people perpetrating these hoaxes are saying that the candy companies put them in there, are they? It’s all stranger danger nonsense.

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“I found this 2013 VW in my Snickers bar! Imagine if I’d eaten it! Or driven it!”


Waves from Springfield!

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Oh I get that part, I just figure Big Candy has the resource to scary the crap out of these and future glory hounds. I’d hate for trick or treat to be killed by “Stranger Danger” because so a-holes want their 15 minutes of fame.

We were closer to that in the 80s.

Rest assured, dear customer, that our Spring Surprise remains exactly as the original recipe describes’s_Flying_Circus_Sketches_image4.jpg


MMM, now I want some Crunchy Frog.


Not all! What about this one?


Where’s my Halloween candy with a Walther P-99 in it?!

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