Watch: Vintage Halloween Safety Video

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Centron! Best safety and educational films eva!

Disappointed that they never got around to warning us about people who give cannabis candies to our kids! It must be a real thing, because all the news stations are pushing it again this year.

What’s a holiday without right wing fearmongering?

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“It’s safest to visit houses of people you know.”

Is it though? Aren’t most crimes against children committed by people the kids know rather than strangers?

And candy tampering is blown out of proportion. There have been a very small number of documented cases, but there are far more urban legends. I’ve never encountered a foreign object in Halloween candy. I have, however, on two separate occasions bitten into a staple in a pizza from my local pizza parlor. (The place where the order taker staples the receipt to the order slip was adjacent to the station where the sauce and cheese are placed on the dough.) I still eat pizza without x-raying it first.

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