Teenage Kenosha shooter spotted at a bar after entering a "not guilty" plea

As I understand it, it’s not illegal for a teenager to drink in a bar as long as they’re supervised by their guardian. In Wisconsin.


Well, I’ll be damned. I had no idea Wisconsin had such chill laws. This is the one time chill laws work against justice…
I can only hope that he is breaking some kind of ordinance by not wearing a mask then.


I imagine in his eyes, he not only didn’t do anything wrong but also was either the aggrieved party or morally right. So of course he’s not gonna play it carefully.

This is affluenza kid all over again.


I gather the bars in Wisconsin are still open?


For the folks here not aware of the regional animus:


In Wisconson? You must be joking.

Edit: This shows the lunacy of having our pandemic response handled on a state by state basis. Minnesota has relatively strict rules about bars and restaurants - as contact tracing has shown that these are where the majority of people actually get COVID.

However Wisconsin and South Dakota (No clue about ND) which bookend our state have pretty much no rules about anything. So people drive a few miles to get their beer and burgers with a side of COVID and come back here.

This pandemic has really illustrated the folly of letting states deal with important things. Too many nutjobs.


Seems pretty clear from the video that Arnold has neither moral nor ideological blinders about the ugliness of history.

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Yet those same nutjobs are doing a better job getting people vaccinated than NY or CA, by a lot. West Virginia – who as of two days ago had the highest vaccination rate in the country (and today is #3 behind ND/SD) – is 2.5x better than California attributes its success to avoiding the federal distribution system via CVS/Walgreens and instead is using local and small-chain pharmacies. States are better at this.


Also remember WV is really tiny compared with NY and CA. They have a much easier job given similar resources.


Florida isn’t.


“Free as Fuck” …reminds me of an outdated phrase … " free, white, and twenty-one"

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